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WinFast PVR is a powerful and easy-to-use application provided by some WinFast multimedia products to provide the most feature-rich video/audio entertainment. The WinFast PVR application allows you to view and record live TV or video, and playback recorded TV or video in a picture-in-picture (PIP) style, as well as control all available functions. You can also listen to FM radio broadcasts under the FM mode if it is included in your purchase.

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    Guest Last year

    Whatever you do, do not install the Winfast PVR2 software into a win 7 64 bit O/S as when I did on my PC it completely destroyed the win 7 O/S by making the keyboard useable by not doing what the function of keys were.
    You cannot uninstall this software - DO NOT use it - I had to do a complete reinstall of win 7 to get my PC working again.
    BE WARNED this is not compatible with Win 7 64 bit from my experience.